What is Patreon?

When I was asked to produce Patreon's most recent brand video, I knew I wanted to keep creators front and center in the story being told. I worked with a Videographer to write a script that showcased creators on Patreon in their workspaces, with narration by Youtube sensation (and Patreon's CEO), Jack Conte. I reached out to a number of high-profile creators who use Patreon to earn a sustainable income, and ended up featuring over eight, including Issa Rae, Hank Green, and Penatonix. The final video has been viewed millions of times across Youtube, Facebook and Patreon's homepage.

Halloween teaser trailers

For the past several years, I've produced a teaser video for a Halloween party I throw at the co-op I share with fourteen friends. Here is one of my favorites, animated by Dillon Petrillo. 

Rue du marche

Those who live in San Francisco are likely familiar with how different Market Street can feel during the day versus at night. In this video, I really wanted to capture that stark dichotomy, so I set out with a Cinematographer and spontaneously filmed everything we could along Market street between from the afternoon until past sundown.