Short fiction

I love creating sensory experiences within my stories, and allowing the reader to focus in on the smallest, most mundane details. I often write about humans connecting with each other in weird ways or discovering strengths about themselves they didn't know they had. Here are a few stories I've written.

Marta (Part 1)

It wasn’t until she was getting off the bus that I realized it was her. The way she delicately walked on her toes, rarely dropping a heel to the ground, was the biggest giveaway; but when she reached into her pocket and pulled out a package of cinnamon stick gum, I knew for sure. Most people opt for those minty squares you pop out of a metallic pack like birth control pills. But not Marta; she preferred the stale shit.

I ran into an old friend last night...

I was having a drink at the bar next to my favorite laundromat while waiting for my wash to finish, when I noticed her sitting at the barstool next to mine. We were both absorbed in our phones, pretty oblivious to the commotion around us until I felt something touch my foot. An immaculate bright blue Coach purse landed on the ground below me and without hesitation, I picked it up.


The following is placeholder text known as “lorem ipsum,” which is scrambled Latin used by designers to mimic real copy. Aliquam bibendum, turpis eu mattis iaculis, ex lorem mollis sem, ut sollicitudin risus orci quis tellus. Vivamus a ante congue, porta nunc nec, hendrerit turpis. I could hear the ticking noise from bed, as I struggled to wake up.  At first I thought it was in my head--"tinnitus" or whatever it's called.  But the ticking seemed to be getting louder and faster and I could have sworn that I heard a knock on the door as well.