Community / events

I became excited about community after moving to San Francisco in 2008 and discovering mine. I didn't know anyone in the city, but quickly learned that if I created a fun and inclusive environment or experience, the people I wanted to surround myself with would appear.

In 2012, I helped start Agape, an intentional community in the Mission District of San Francisco, and for the last six years have helped build our community through thoughtfully curated interactive experiences. I'm currently working on laying the foundation for community to grow at Agapolis, an exciting new project sitting on 20+ acres of land 45-minutes outside of San Francisco.


Welcome to earth

I was given the incredible opportunity of producing Agapolis' first community event, which resulted in a 300-person mini-festival taking place over four days on Earth Day weekend of 2018. I worked with over 75 co-creators to bring to life 100+ art pieces, workshops and performances, all created around a fantastical core narrative inspired by Agapolis' 5 Pillars: Community, Consciousness, Nature & Sustainability, Art and Future Generations. 


Sci-fi noir art show

While working as Patreon's Community Manager, I teamed up with Luke Harrington of Time Beards and art gallery, Heron Arts, for a sci-fi noir-themed visual art show. The event, which featured over 50 artists and their original work created just for the show, welcomed over 500 people for it's one-night debut. 

Agape halloween

I've had the honor of producing Agape's Halloween party every year for the last six years, beginning with a modest "Halloween Haunted Housewarming" in 2012, to our most recent, "Six Underground," where we opened every single room of the house to very different experiences for over 250 guests. 

I'm always interested in working on cool projects with rad people, so feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to collaborate (or even just ideate) on something. I can take the lead on the entire production or assist in whatever aspects you need special attention on. Here are a few things I can take off your plate: 

  • staff and vendors
  • volunteer management
  • artist relations
  • spacial design
  • budget tracking
  • programming
  • theme / narrative
  • marketing / promotion
  • ticketing
  • experience design